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Brutus came to Derby Hall on Friday 4/22 at 3:00 in supp
Please join us in congratulating Christian Feliciano who

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The Atmospheric Sciences Program (ASP) is an interdisciplinary graduate program that is housed in the Department of Geography. The program offers studies in a wide variety of climate and weather-related areas including: Meteorological Instrumentation, Weather and Climate Modeling, Paleoclimatology, Global Climate Change, Severe Weather, Glaciers and Water Resources, Ice and Climate, Tropical Climatology and Hurricanes. Our program integrates with many other departments and centers on campus to provide a wider perspective on the effects of the atmosphere upon our planet.

Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC) - An internationally recognized leader in polar and alpine research.

Meteorology Club - Ohio State University organization for students interested in meteorology, atmospheric sciences and geography.

Polar Meteorology Group - Faculty and Student organization located at the Byrd Center supporting polar research.

School of Earth Sciences

Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering



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