Atmospheric Sciences Courses

This page provides a list of all the atmospheric sciences courses offered through the Department of Geography. Links to course descriptions and syllabi are provided on the right.

  • AS 2940: Basic Meteorology
  • GEOG 3597.02: Integrated Earth Systems: Confronting Global Change
  • GEOG 3900: Global Climate Change: Causes and Consequences
  • GEOG 3901H: Global Climate and Environmental Change
  • GEOG 5900: Weather, Climate, and Global Warming
  • AS 5901: Climate System Modeling: Basic and Applications
  • GEOG 5921: Boundry Layer Climatology,
  • GEOG 5922: Microclimatological Measurements
  • AS 5940: Synoptic Meteorology Lab
  • GEOG 5941: Synoptic Analysis and Forecasting
  • GEOG 5942: Severe Storm Forecasting,
  • AS 5950: Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • AS 5951: Dynamic Meteorology I
  • AS 5952: Dynamic Meteorology II

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